Sha Po Lang Glossary

This page will be updated with each update or with each request to add items.

Courtesy names, titles, place names, and other things specific to this novel will also be added.


Blackmetal Battalion: 玄铁营. 玄 means 1. black 2. mystical. 铁 is just straight up metal. 营 is a sub-division of an army, or battalion. In old times it wasn’t exactly a sub-division of the army; there would actually be multiple battalions under different commanders, but they would all belong to the court.


Cao Niangzi: 曹娘子. “Niangzi” used to mean 1. a relatively respectable term for woman 2. wife. Either way his name describes women (and little traps like him).

Chang Geng: 长庚. In older times, people used to think that there was a “morning star”, Phosphorus (启明星), and an “evening star”, Hesperus (长庚星). Both were actually two ‘appearances’ of the same star – or, planet – Venus. Chang Geng’s name is derived from the Chinese name of the evening Venus. Note: ‘Chang’ is not his surname. ‘Chang Geng’ is his 小名, which most people in China have. It is an informal nickname of sorts that are only used by those of close relations, eg. family and friends.


Ge Pangxiao: 葛胖小. “Pang” means fat, “xiao” means little/small. His name is the perfect description of him: small and fat.


Yi fu: 义父, meaning adoptive father or father by name.


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